Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Mission Briefing IV ; a new hope

Greetings, Lee here

 This isn't my first blog but the first one that wasn't designed for self advertisement, self aggrandising and a feeble attempt to seem deep and interesting when in actuality I'm particularly shallow and a dull brown sort of a person, rather like a filthy puddle.

Ultimately the reason I've started this blog is in an attempt to rekindle my love of comic books, in particular graphic novels; going back with a critical eye the ones I used to love and the ones I just never go round to reading and some that I couldn't wrap my tiny child-brain around. Now with my new and improved man-brain,I aim to thrust myself back into the graphic world and amerce myself in the imagery and story-telling I've always loved but allowed to slide off my radar

See you when I see you

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  1. I'd argue with the man-brain comment. so proud of you.