Saturday, 21 May 2011

Superman: Red Son

Superman: Red Son
Mark Millar

Superman :Red son

Superman Red Son is an Elseworld comic (a non-cannon comic, for the unconfirmed geek) that explores a world in which superman landed mere hours later and so was raised  on a Ukrainian collective farm during the cold war and later becoming Stalin’s right hand man. Told over three books that document the rise of Supes,  this graphic novel goes a long way to explore the cultural effect on the Man of Steel and how the American icon can have the white and blue stripped out of him. Gone is the apple pie and old glory waving over his shoulder, Ka-el is Russia’s ace in the hole during the cold war. Still remains his acts of heroism, a global hero with the ideals of communism initially but absolute power corrupts absolutely. The comic’s art is reminiscent of the early action comics, just flashes of Pete Woods’ forms though darker and obviously tidier. All the characters are in there Louis Lane, Lex Luther, Wonder Woman, Jimmy Olson, Lana Lang, Hal Jordan and a fantastic reimagining of a ruskie Batman, his parents killed by the KGB and all his rage directed at the government and so in turn Superman. The plot is character driven, it truly is worth reading, the corruption of the cape as he struggles with his morals against his belief in the communistic regime (a fantastic microcosm involving the miniature city of Stalingrad, is just inspired).
The only complaints I can make is occasionally the story seems rushed and some characters get overlooked but this is just nitpicking. The overall arch, the three act structure, there’s not enough praise I can heap on this graphic novel, Batman as a beer guzzling freedom fighter, a Luther that acts as a megalomaniacal good guy, it’s just a fun mental experiment put to paper. Definitely grab this one up you’ll not regret it


  1. Awesome, glad to see this was good. I was considering picking this up.

    Consider this blog followed!

  2. Cheers very much, sir.

    Should definately give it a go.